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400-2500 Kg
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DualLift presents

UpPro Cargo

Better. Stronger. Faster.
Lifting 400 to 2.500kg material.
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UpPro Cargo. We proudly present: The new UpPro S4. The new UpPro S-Series celebrates its premiere with the UpPro S P408. With their significantly quieter gearbox, further increased reliability and proven large series gear technology. the UpPro S 408 opens the next evolution step of the DualLift Product Range.

UpPro Cargo.
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UpPro Cargo and UpPro Cargo S.
Your Strong Partner.

The traction Hoists of this product range are your perfect partner for heavy material transports with principally unlimited lifting heights. Capacities between 400 kg and 2.500 kg will guarantee highest comfort by handling heavy goods. A lot of optionally equipment like rope reeler, specific adapter and inductive rope end switch make our hoists to your personal tool. The UpPro series are proven thousands of times, while the innovative UpPro S-series provide you a higher lifetime of the gearbox and less noise level.
UpPro Cargo by DualLift:
Proudly made in Germany

DualLift is one of the largest producers of Manriding- and Material Transport Hoists. That´s our core business and we focus all of our energy on traction Hoists and the according equipment.

Why are we good?
Why we are good? We are fast, easy and economical. Where can we save? Certainly not in material costs. For us safety and quality are always priority. DualLift Hoists are MADE IN GERMANY and meet all standards for quality and safety.

Made in Germany

Get all the right answers and the possibilities of the UpPro Cargo at your project. Talk with a DualLift Specialist.
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Call +32 3 451 05 00 or send us an E-Mail and we'll get you 'Up and running' in no time.
UpPro Cargo Tech Specs

Nearly all traction hoists of this product row are certified for manriding according to
DIN EN 1808, ANSI 17.7, ASME 17.7 and CSA B44
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