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UpLite Cargo

Strong. Cheap. And Easy.
Your best choice in the low range.

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UpLite Cargo. The small mobile Hoist. The UpLite Material Transport Hoists are available with payloads from 100 kg up to 500 kg. The advantages of these products are the compact design, the lightness and the excellent quality. For this reason that product range is your best choice for mobile applications.

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UpLite Cargo opens a new
chapter of traction hoists.

By means of the integrated hook on the top, these hoists can be fixed easy and are immediately ready to work. The rope doesn´t have to be stored. This allows you a principally unlimited lifting height.
UpLite Cargo by DualLift:
Proudly made in Germany

DualLift is one of the largest producers of Manriding- and Material Transport Hoists. That´s our core business and we focus all of our energy on traction Hoists and the according equipment.

Why are we good?
Why we are good? We are fast, easy and economical. Where can we save? Certainly not in material costs. For us safety and quality are always priority. DualLift Hoists are MADE IN GERMANY and meet all standards for quality and safety.

Made in Germany
Strengh and lengh
according to your

Power connection: 220V AC 50 Hz. Control: Pendant Control with 2,5m cable. Individual extension up to 30m available. With our special pendant control box is it also possible to realize extensions till 200m. The third control version is the radio remote control which allows you to drive the hoists easily up to 150m distance. So we will find the right solution for your application. The hoist works with 220V AC and a commercially plug. A 400V solution is also available.

Following Types are available:
Speed: M106CE30 with 100kg payload and 30m/min rope speed. M306CE15 with 300kg payload and 15m/min rope speed. M506CE10 with 500kg payload and 10m/min rope speed.
UpLite Cargo

Get all the right answers and the possibilities of the UpLite Cargo at your project. Talk with a DualLift Specialist.

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