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DualLift UpSafe Eqiupment

Safety First

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Safety comes first! With our safety devices you will get an experienced partner. For example the UpSafe OSL with 400 up to 2.500kg payload and certified for manriding according to DIN EN 1808, ANSI 17.7, ASME 17.7 and CSA B44. We offer you UpSafe devices for saving against Overspeed (Overspeed Safety Lock, OSL) for Elevators in Wind turbine towers, Elevator maintenance, industrial climbing, and a lot of further applications.

The UpSafe OSL is reliable and the patent applied damping system reduces the shock factor up to 20% - for your safety! Alternatively we also provide you the UpSafe ISL for saving against inclination ( ISL = Inclination Safety Lock) for platforms with two or more Hoists. Also available for payloads from 400 up to 1.000 kg. All UpSafe safety devices are running on a separate Rope and must be fixed on the load to ensure the complete Safety.

Safety First. DualLift UpSafe Equipment.
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DualLift UpSafe OSL

UpSafe for all of us
The UpSafe OSL (Overspeed SafetyLock). The UpSafe OSL with electric switch, is equipped with the highly durable Hirschmann Connector. The UpSafe ISL (Inclination Safety Lock).

All Upsafe Lifting Equipment is avaliable for 8, 9 and 10 mm steel wire rope, and capable of for 600, 800 or 1.000kg payloads.

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DualLift UpSafe OSL

DualLift UpSafe OSL

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